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New Products from Norstat

Norstat recently released two new safety products.

Proton Solenoid Interlock Switch

The Proton solenoid interlock switch was designed for use on machines where hazardous conditions persist even after the machine has been switched off.

The robust design and heavy-duty solenoid of the Proton, from Mechan Controls, can withstand up to 3000N hold force and energize under a lateral load. The internal specifications meet the requirements for CAT4, SIL3, and will maintain PL-e even when connected in series. The unique mounting holes allow for easy installation on three sides, making it ideal for both hinged and sliding-door applications.

The spring-loaded actuator means the Proton excels at misalignment tolerances. Its fail-safe design includes a uniquely coded RFID signal (4 billion codes). Only when the actuator plunger and RFID signal are matched will the Proton operate. Each switch includes 2 OSSD inputs and 2 OSSD outputs that are designed for series connection. Up to a maximum of 30 switches can be connected at the same time. The Proton includes six LEDs, three on each side, that display the same data and provide visual diagnostics for all states of the device.

The P-Touch Pressure Sensor

Norstat now offers an Industrial pressure Sensor with IO Link that elevates pressure sensors to an entirely new level in terms of simplicity and intuitive operation.

The P-Touch pressure sensor from M-P Sensors incorporates an innovative operating system that functions through a longitudinally installed touch screen where a virtual scrolling wheel and a TFT display enables plain-text display of the menu items in an easy-to-read, high-resolution format. Additional information can be easily displayed on one screen as well as current pressure values and set switching points allowing reliable measurement of process pressures, making the P-Touch ideally suited for applications such as pressure monitoring in hydraulic systems, monitoring of coolant supply, or observing process pressure on injection molding machines.

The stainless steel housing and geometrically protected glass display provide an extremely compact and robust design, and the absence of any mechanical operating elements ensures a high degree of freedom from wear and tear. The P-Touch has a protection rating of IP 67 and can measure liquid, gaseous, or viscus liquids from 0-600 bar.

For more information, call (973) 586-2500 or visit www.norstat.com.

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