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NFPA Seeks Videos for Fall Online College Courses

The National Fluid Power Association is asking member companies to submit videos to be used in online fluid power courses during the fall semester.

In a series of open forum calls NFPA organized with educator partners, university professors expressed interest in videos that offer real-life examples of fluid power technologies from NFPA-member companies.

NFPA is seeking member-submitted videos that will be placed on the association’s educator resource page, where educators can access them for classroom use.

NFPA said member companies have the opportunity to put their products and thought leadership in front of an emerging engineering talent pool. The videos can also familiarize students with specific products while creating brand awareness for a future time when they’re looking for jobs or making purchasing decisions in the workforce.

NFPA is seeking videos on the following topics:

  • Hydraulic hose: Hose construction and manufacturing.
  • Hydraulic hose: Hose selection, including different types of hoses and the STAMPED process.
  • Hydraulic fittings: The hydraulic fitting selection process and trade-offs when choosing a hydraulic fitting.
  • Hydraulic fluid: Types of hydraulic fluids and considerations made by fluid suppliers.
  • Hydraulic fluid: The process OEMs go through to select a hydraulic fluid.
  • Hydraulic pumps: How hydraulic pumps are designed and manufactured.
  • Hydraulic motors: How hydraulic motors are designed and manufactured.
  • Hydrostatic transmissions: How applications engineers work with OEMs to design hydrostatic transmissions.
  • Hydraulic cylinders: Design considerations for hydraulic cylinders.
  • Cartridge valves: Cartridge valve design and manufacture.
  • Specialty valves: How specialty valves are designed and manufactured.
  • Coolers: Cooler design considerations and selection processes.
  • Load-sensing systems: Load-sensing systems in equipment.
  • Electrohydraulic Valves: Electrohydraulic valve manufacturer and design considerations.
  • Filtration: Selection of filters.

To submit a video, contact Amy Zignego at azignego@nfpa.com.

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