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OFCO Adds Valve and Strainer

Ohio Fabricators Company, a manufacturer of stock and custom strainers, breathers, diffusers, and screen assemblies for the filtration and fluid power industries, recently launched two new products.

Mike Smith, OFCO sales manager, said in a press release: “We have two new products that we’ve had in development for a while. These include our OS line of giant suction strainers, with diameters up to 8.1 and flow rates up to 400 GPM. The other product is a screen developed specifically for the insect control business. He said the first run of this product has already sold out with many more customers interested in it.”

The OS strainer line is targeted to heavy industries such as oil and gas, steel production, and pulp and paper mills. Oil and gas industries employ power units that push up to 400 gallons per minute through their systems while the steel industry has equipment requiring up to 800 gpm flow rates. OFCO’s OS line is perfect for these applications.

OS strainers are available in various flow rates and mesh sizes. Optional relief valves are available for both the 5.9” and 8.1” OS strainers.

For more information, visit https://ohfab.com/standard-products/.

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