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Parallel Grippers

p-schunkThe WSG series of servo-electric, two-finger parallel grippers are designed for parts handling and assembly processes requiring high flexibility or sensitivity. The gripper has a long stroke, which allows reliable handling of different components, and grip force can be controlled internally. It has part detection and integrated grip force control system. A belt drive ensures high jaw speeds and short cycle times, achieving speeds of 400 mm/s. The grippers are available as type WSG 050-110 with a stroke of 55 mm per finger and a long-stroke version type WSG 050-210 with a stroke of 100 mm per finger. Both grippers achieve gripping forces between 5 N and 120 N. The compact WSG 32 is designed for handling small parts. Stroke per finger is 34 mm and grip force range is 5-50 N.

SCHUNK, www.schunk.com 

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