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Parker Launches Tire Inflation System

The Pneumatic Division of Parker Hannifin recently released its Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS) for off-highway vehicles.

The CTIS features deflate rates for optimal mobility on demand and is suited for both military and agriculture applications. In military applications, the system allows for a larger tire footprint to provide additional flotation and traction on terrain such as soft soil, snow, or sand by adjusting tire pressure to account for the changing environments. In applications for the agriculture industry, the system can reduce soil compaction, wheel slip, and rutting, and improve ride comfort. In both applications, the completely sealed wheel valve provides greater reliability during harsh environmental conditions such as mud, dust, snow, and ice. The system offers extended tire pressure operating ranges and allows the driver to optimize tire inflation from the cab with the simple push of a button.  

The Parker CTIS also offers independent tire control with superior fault detection, allowing the driver to quickly assess any issues with the vehicle’s tires during operation. Additionally, the system uses common components across different platform configurations to simplify installation variations. This reduced front-end engineering allows for streamlined training and maintenance and simplifies logistics due to reduced part numbers.

For more information, visit www.parker.com/pdn/CTIS.

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