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PHD Announces the Release of the New Series GRM Clamp Size 2 Teachable Sensor Option


April 16, 2024 PHD is pleased to announce the release of the New Series GRM Clamp Size 2 Teachable Sensor option for panel present detection in automated sheet metal stamping. 

The Teachable Sensor option provides fast setup: simply insert the panel and press the button until the lights flash. That’s it. Setup complete!

This teachable sensor is an ideal choice for backup or redundant signaling detection. The position of internal target relates directly to the jaw position and thickness of the material being gripped. This sensor is a modular design and is field repairable with a replaceable cordset if damaged. It is also a drop-in retrofit for -Pxxxx option. A wide range of material thicknesses from 0.020 to 0.197 in [0.5 to 5.0 mm] can be sensed and is available on all 13 PHD jaw styles.

The GRM Size 2 CAD Configurator has been updated to include this option, and pricing is available on the Distributor Support Site. 

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