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Poclain Announces European Partnerships

French company Poclain recently announced its “entry into the capital of two high-tech companies.”

“Poclain is accelerating its development in electromobility and connected services by taking a stake in two high-tech companies,” according to a Poclain press release.

One company is EMSISO d.o.o., a Slovenian company with 40 employees and “an expert engineering company in electrical machine control and inverter design and manufacture,” Poclain said. “Through this phased acquisition, Poclain is reaffirming its strategy as a supplier of differentiating electromobility solutions for off-road machines. Poclain now masters this technological brick at the core of the performance of electric and electrohydraulic powertrains.”

The other partner is SAMSYS, a French start-up created in 2017 that specializes in the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and data capture via boxes installed mainly on agricultural machinery.

“The pooling of ‘machine and business’ expertise makes it possible to offer Poclain customers innovative digital services from the prototyping and design phase of a new machine through to its series life,” the press release said. “With these two new technological partners, Poclain acquires the necessary skills to deploy innovative solutions for the benefit of its customers. They are looking for new proposals to increase availability and productivity of machines with data and connectivity, and allow for varied propulsion solutions adapted to OEM’s product strategy and needs.”

According to the press release: “In line with the long-term vision of the shareholders, as an industrial company invested in the energy and digital revolutions, Poclain Group’s strategic plan launched in 2020 by Frédéric Michelland (chief executive officer) takes a new step in June 2022 with Poclain Group’s entry into the capital of two high-tech companies.”

For more information, visit www.poclain.com.

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