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Problem: Calculate Cylinder Size

calculate cylinder size

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First, we need to calculate the vertical and horizontal distances of the toggle clamp.

Sine of 80° x 15 = 14.77
Cosine of 80° x 15 =2.6

F = FY/2X
T = Toggle force and that is given at 1000 lbs.
F = Cylinder force, our unknown
Y = Vertical distance = 14.77
X = Horizontal distance (remaining stroke of cylinder) = 2.6
1000 = F x  14.77
                2 x 2.6
1000 x 2 x 2.6 = F x 14.77

F = PA
352 = 3.53 square inches
A = D² x .7854
3.52 / .7854 = 4.48
√ 4.48 = 2.11” diameter
You should order a 2.5” or larger cylinder in reality

Winner of this Air Teaser: Ali Dashti, Applied Industrial Technologies, Inc., San Marcos, CA

Deadline past. Not available for submissions.

By Ernie Parker, AI, AJPP, AJPPCC, S, MT, MM, MIH, MIP, MMH

This teaser is printed in the Fluid Power Journal. Those who submit the correct answer before the deadline will have their names printed in the Society Page newsletter and in Fluid Power Journal. The winners will also be entered into a drawing for a special gift.

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