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Quantum Automation Releases QCS IIoT Software

Quantum Automation, which specializes in automation, networking, power products, solutions, and services for the commercial, industrial, utility, and infrastructure markets, recently announced its QCloudServer Industrial Internet of Things (QCS IIoT) system for remote monitoring and control applications. 

Traditionally, users have had to experiment with many hardware, software, and networking technologies for IIoT projects. The QCS IIoT solution does the heavy lifting of assembling these technologies, so end users and systems integrators (SIs) can easily connect to edge-source data, transmit it on-site or to the cloud, aggregate and log the data, perform calculations and analysis as needed, and deliver mobile or web visualization.

End users and SIs everywhere know there is a lot of valuable data trapped at the industrial edge. It can come from individual sensors, smart devices, machines, automated equipment, or a combination of these. Wired network connectivity may not be available, and cellular data transmission is often the only option. Industry has responded with an assortment of hardware, software, and networking technologies, but researching and applying the right products can be difficult.

To meet these needs, Quantum Automation has developed QCS IIoT as a configurable SaaS – software as a service. End users can define their needs by simply filling out a spreadsheet. They can create a complete and economical IIoT installation – either directly or by engaging an SI – with a system that can be up and running in hours.

IIoT projects typically need some or all the following:

  • source data from traditional or smart instruments and devices;
  • edge computing to gather and preprocess the data; 
  • communications to transmit the data; 
  • cloud computing for aggregating, logging, and supporting data visualization;
  • configurable and custom software modules to perform advanced calculations, analytics, and insight generation; and 
  • mobile or web accessibility so users can view and interact with the information.

The QCS IIoT can connect with any user-supplied edge systems supporting MQTT. For new and retrofit projects, users may choose to use the Quantum Automation QRTU as a complete field hardware platform, with many PLC and edge communication device options.

QCS IIoT can be deployed on the user’s onsite servers, but best flexibility and management is provided by cloud-hosting on Amazon Web Services servers with support for the MQTT protocol. The cloud environment is configurable for standard computing needs, and custom code can be added if needed. Visualization dashboards can be viewed on any internet-connected web browser device – such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet – for ease of use.

For more information, visit www.quantumautomation.com/.

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