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Schroeder Releases Adapter Kits for Oil Draining and Filling

Schroeder Industries recently introduced a new way to protect oil from airborne contamination while filling and draining it – reservoir breather adapter kits.

Contamination is the leading cause to premature system failures. While most operations already use inline or in-tank filtration, others want additional protection to extend the life of that filter as much as possible. Schroeder’s filtration solutions for every stage of hydraulic fluid consumption now include fluid draining and filling.

The drum (DK-DAB) and tote (TK-DAB) breather adapter kits offer constant protection during the transition phase of fluid storage. Whether draining or filling, the action can be performed through the airtight seal provided by the adapter kit. This ensures airborne contamination is minimized and the breather protection is upheld consistently. These adapters are designed for use in either drum or tote storage and are equipped with Schroeder’s high performing desiccant breathers, which absorb up to 40% of its weight in water vapor before needing a replacement.

For more information, call (800) 722-4810, email sisales@schroederindustries.com, or visit www.schroederindustries.com.

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