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On The Spot Oil Sampling & Analysis

Schroeder introduces the Schroeder Pro Series: Total Fluid Health & Total Fluid Life Particle Service Units.

Schroeder Industries, a recognized leader in fluid filtration and condition monitoring, introduces revolutionary new portable condition monitoring solutions, the Schroeder Pro Series.

Due to the tighter tolerances required in today’s modern equipment, machines malfunction simply due to dirty and contaminated lubricating and hydraulic oil. Oil is a machine’s lifeblood. It is important that maintenance staff monitor their fluid cleanliness levels and have a clear snapshot of their system health to ensure an efficient operation.

The Schroeder Pro Series are bringing insight into the health of your oil by not only providing real-time ISO cleanliness and water saturation readings but also oil condition information, such as remaining oil life and/or particulate characterization. Using new technologies, these units give insight into the health of your oil, in real-time, enabling end-users to make informed decisions regarding oil replacement or treatment planning.  Simply stated, the invaluable information offered by the Schroeder Pro: Total Fluid Health and Total Fluid Life units truly serve as vehicles for predictive and preventative maintenance.

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    Nice product. Please more informstion.

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