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Stabilus Enters Partnership with Synapticon

Stabilus S.A., a supplier of motion control solutions, announced that it recently entered into partnership with Synapticon GmbH.

Stabilus subscribed a minority stake in Synapticon via a capital increase. The transaction was expected to complete in October. The parties agreed not to disclose further financial details of the transaction.

The funds provided by Stabilus in connection with the capital increase will allow Synapticon to further develop its product range and grow its operations. The partnership enables Stabilus to expand its digital competence, which offers significant opportunities, especially for its POWERISE product line. The electromechanical spindle drives raise and lower tailgates, for example, in cars and in many household applications reliably and maintenance-free.

Stabilus intends to achieve further improvements for acoustics and haptics through new know-how and software competence and to integrate these smoothly into customer-focused systems. This applies to both the automotive sector and expected innovations for the Stabilus business unit Industrial. In addition to Stabilus as the umbrella brand, this business unit also includes the brands ACE, Fabreeka, General Aerospace, Hahn Gasfedern, and Tech Products. These are primarily known for products and services in automation control, vibration, and motion control, as well as safety products.

Synapticon is a technology company headquartered in Schönaich, Germany. Founded in 2012, it also has branches in the U.S. and China. The company specializes in the development of highly compact, high-performance motion control electronics. The products use Synapticon’s elaborate proprietary software technology and microchips.

For more information, visit www.stabilus.com and www.synapticon.com.

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