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Beware of Getting HOSED

By Jamie Vokes, CFPCC Various kinds of mobile and industrial equipment use hydraulics in one form or another. While hydraulics is a very efficient use of …

Identify Hose Assembly Terminal Ends and Determine Compatibility of Hose and Fittings

Consult SAE J517 and manufacturer’s guidelines to determine pressure ratings of the fittings, hose and their suitability for a specific application. Hose …


PIRTEK Broadway received high honors as PIRTEK USA’s National Franchise of the Year for 2017 – the second consecutive year the San Antonio, TX location has …

Hose Products

The UNIFLEX Hose Products Division manufactures a wide range of interlock, multi-spiral, reusable, wire-braided fittings in one-piece and two-piece …

Excessive Pressure Drop on a Test Stand

A hydraulic distributor designed and built a test stand with various sizes of sub-plates for mounting and testing pressure and directional valves. There were …

Hydraulic Hose Assembly Application Guidelines – ISO/TS 17165-2

Hydraulic hose and hose assemblies require careful selection, fabrication, installation, and maintenance to reduce the likelihood of component or system …

Determining Root Causes

We have read hundreds of incident reports in which some of the injuries were minor to several incidents that resulted in multiple fatalities. There are some …

Vacuum Hose and Fittings

Most applications involving vacuum pick-and-place components utilize small-diameter hose and tubing—the same hose and tubing used on similar-sized pneumatic …

Spiral Flex Hydraulic Hose

The Kurt Tuff spiral flex hydraulic hose is engineered for rugged, high-pressure hydraulic applications up to 6,235 psi. Designed for applications with minimal …

Conductor Face-Off: Hose Versus Tube

What do lifting chains, bladder-type accumulators, and hydraulic hoses all have in common? Well, they typically have only one mode of failure—and that’s …



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