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Telescopic Cylinders

The single-acting telescopic cylinders have been engineered with machined hard stops to guarantee reliable stopping at the end of every stroke. The bore size of the final stage is larger, but the average displacement of the stages has been reduced. This allows the cylinders to require less oil than those of its class and ultimately leads to faster cycle times and the ability to lift more using the same pressure. Standard benefits include a self-bleeding design, increased stage overlap for added stability and support, chrome-plated final stage, and a double-lip polyurethane wiper. The cylinders come in two designs: pin mount and Trunnion mount (available in 2013). Other characteristics include

  • Bores: 5″ through 8″
  • Strokes: initial offering 84″ to 285″
  • Stages offered: 3-5
  • Porting: 1″ NPT Standard with SAE-ORB available upon request

Muncie® Power Products, www.munciepower.com

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