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TEXCEL: The Face of Hydraulic Hose

Are you out of inventory? Do you need same day shipping? Would you like to have an expert available 24/7?

At Texcel, we strive every day to make a difference for you.

Whether it’s through a friendly phone call or a quick e-mail, we know the value of our partnerships and we are dedicated to serving our distributors with the outstanding customer service they have come to know as the “Texcel Guarantee.”

Texcel was founded in 1981 as a small hose and rubber supplier. Through years of dedication to our customers, we’ve grown into the company we are today, adding more quality products to our portfolio, more warehouse locations, and more experienced staff to assist you with your needs. Our headquarters are in Houston, Texas, and we have additional warehouses in Illinois, Delaware, Alabama, Colorado, and California.

Our full line of cutting-edge hydraulic hose and fittings is not just a product division, but a promise that provides superior service, quality, technical support, and availability.

We’ve built our company on impeccable customer service. Let us know how we can make a difference in your business.

800.231.7116  |  sales@texcelrubber.com  |  www.texcelrubber.com 

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One thought on “TEXCEL: The Face of Hydraulic Hose”

  1. George Landry says:

    Good day,
         I’m George Landry and interested in purchasing a hose.I need a ½” hose 4000 psi with ½ ends male pipe thread fitting and 100ft and would like to know the type of payment you do accept (Master / Visa card) . I will be looking forward to your response.


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