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Voith Launches Pump Drives at Hannover Messe

Voith Turbo will launch new compact variable speed pump drives at the Hannover Messe trade show, May 30-June 2, in Hannover, Germany.

 Voith presents its new DrivAx IQ4 and DrivAx RQ4 drives, adding to its portfolio of the DrivAx product family. Voith also highlights the self-contained servo drives DrivAx CLDP, which is set to continue in new sizes, and the DrivAx CLCP, which was specially developed for robotics applications and can be seen live in action at the Voith Turbo booth.


DrivAx IQ4


The DrivAx IQ4 consists of a servo motor with a directly mounted internal gear pump that jointly controls volumetric flow and pressure. The system allows for a maximum volumetric flow of 125 l/min and a maximum pressure of 270 bar. The speed-controlled pump drive combines energy efficiency with high power density and robustness. Unlike conventional, valve-controlled hydraulic systems, the DrivAx IQ4 offers power on demand. The system can operate efficiently at lower speeds in the part-load range and outside the machine cycle. The compact design and interface architecture allow easy integration into machine and control system.


DrivAx RQ4

The DrivAx RQ4 consists of a servo motor and directly mounted radial piston pump that together regulate a volumetric flow of maximum 450 l/min at a maximum pressure of 350 bar. The DrivAx RQ4’s power-on-demand principle in combination with the load-dependent switchable pump allows special load profiles with reduced-size motor and peripherals to be realized.




Ten years ago, Voith introduced the DrivAx CLDP. To coincide with this anniversary, the technology group will present two new sizes for the self-contained servo drive product line. Users now have five sizes to choose from, which allows even more precise adaptation of the servo drive to the respective application.

The main components of the CLDP linear servo drive are a servo motor, an internal gear pump, and an actuator. Pressure and/or position sensors ensure the precise control of force and position, while accomplishing speed and directional control of movement without valve technology. Thanks to this design principle, there is no need for a hydraulic unit or piping. The compact design and interface architecture allow easy integration into machine and control system.




The DrivAx CLCP servo drive is a self-contained linear drive with an outstanding power-to-weight ratio. It is an ideal alternative for robot-assisted applications.

 The DrivAx CLDP and the DrivAx CLCP offer an alternative to electromechanical drives. The technology combines the robustness and power density of hydraulics with the controllability of servo technology. Other benefits are the almost wear-free operation, resistance to force peaks, lower energy requirement and the elimination of cooling and lubricating units.

For more information, visit www.voith.com and https://www.hannovermesse.de/en/.


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