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Webtec Launches Manufacturing Process

Webtec, a hydraulic measurement and control company, recently launched a manufacturing approach called Make it BLUE – a four-step process to help customers maximize the productivity of their hydraulic machinery without costly consultancy.

Webtec developed Make it BLUE after consultation with customers who have benefited from its integrated approach to product customization. Four steps – Begin, Listen, Upgrade, and Engineer – help customers understand their requirements before moving to the next stage.

Starting with Begin, Webtec shares its knowledge and best practices banks through its extensive training and educational material. Webtec Listens to the customer’s application requirements and assesses how to add value. The Webtec team works with the customer to produce a Blue Score Card, which helps determine whether a standard or customized product fits the bill. 

The next step, Upgrade, focusses on the required changes. Webtec finds the best solution and shares digital and physical prototypes with the customer. Finally, in the Engineer step, Webtec’s highly experienced R & D team works closely with the manufacturing team on the customer’s project. 

Webtec, with more than 50 years’ experience in the fluid power industry, manufactures and distributes a range of hydraulic components and test equipment for the mobile and industrial machinery markets. It specializes in high-pressure control valves and flow measurement.

For more information, visit www.webtec.com/make-it-blue.

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