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Zero-Max Offers New Overhung Load Adaptor Models


When fluid power and power transmission products are discontinued, finding replacements can be challenging. Zero-Max now fills this Overhung Load Adaptor void with its new 212k and 412k OHLA models for 2-bolt SAE A mount and 4-bolt non-SAE mount applications requiring a 1-1/4” output shaft.

For both new and replacement applications, the new OHLA models feature exclusive Zero-Max design technology based on decades of experience in the industry. These particular OHLA provide overhung radial and axial load support to protect hydraulic motors and pumps from heavy application loads, extend the lifetime of the motor or pump, and alleviate the cost of downtime both from maintenance costs and loss of production. The OHLAs also provide a contamination barrier to protect the hydraulic system from harsh environmental factors that may include water, dirt, abrasives, chemicals, and other debris.

The two new OHLA designs feature robust ductile cast iron precision machined housings, deep groove ball bearings, enhanced sealing technology, strong shafts delivering long operating life, a permanent mounting surface, heavy load capacities, and high-speed ratings. Both models also feature precision gaskets for sealing the mounting surface between the hydraulic motor or pump and the OHLA housing. Both models also feature 1.000” input bore diameter with ¼” keyway and 1.250” output shaft diameter with ¼” keyway. Custom configurations are also available.

Another important solution to the discontinued products dilemma is Zero-Max’s ability for customization to meet individual application requirements. Special OHLA features can include, but are not limited to:

  • Lubrication features for vertical mounting orientations
  • Bearing substitutions for specific load and/or speed requirements
  • Different input or output shaft diameters or spline options
  • Input or output pilot diameter adaptions
  • Extended or shortened shaft lengths
  • Alternate keyway sizes

Special customized units are available in any quantity, from a single unit to several thousand.

Zero-Max also provides a free application review for any OHLA application. They will evaluate an application for L10 bearing lifetime, confirm the strength of the input shaft connection (keyed versus splined), and make lubrication recommendations.

Zero-Max is a provider of motion control and power transmission solutions and one of the industry’s coupling manufacturers. The company provides shaft couplings, right angle gear drives, overhung load adaptors and other precision motion control components.

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