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2017 IFPS Annual Meeting

The 2017 Annual Meeting held in Indianapolis, Indiana was bursting at the seams with a record-breaking crowd. The 2018 Board of Director nominee slate was officially voted in during the annual dinner. These officers and directors will take their positions January 1, 2018.

Optional tours of Horner Industries, The Great Escape Room, and the Indianapolis Raceway Museum were a nice addition to the many committee meetings at which each Committee chair reported on his/her committee’s activities and its key strategic initiative plans. During the annual dinner, teams of four tried to stack cups, using strings and rubber bands-—a great team building activity.

The IFPS 2018 Spring Meeting will take place from February 26 to March 2, 2018 at the Embassy Suites Albuquerque Hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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2017 Board of Directors

Ken Dulinski, Jan and Rich Bullers, Sam Skelton

Joey Biondo, Joseph Snider, Liz Rehfus, David Raymond, Bill Jordan, Ed Rybarczyk, Joey Clemmons, Rance Herren

Paul Prass and Mohaned Shahin

Lisa DeBenedetto, Adele Kayser, Donna Pollander, Dean Houdeshell, George Beniek, Marti Wendel, Pat Maluso, Robert Post

Rocky Phoenix, Brandon Gustafson, Jerry Irving

(Sitting from left) Donna Pollander, Jan and Rich Bullers, Scott Nagro, Bill Jordan (Standing from left) Dean Houdeshell, Adele Kayser, Marti Wendel

Full house at the Annual Meeting

Rich Bullers and John Juhasz

Bill Jordan and Rich Bullers

Dean Houdeshell, 2018 President

Dean Houdeshell and Rich Bullers, 2017 President

Jim O’Halek, Tim White, John Juhasz, Scott Sardina, John Bibaeff, Jeff Kenney, Randy Bobbitt, Sam Kaye 13. Ken Dulinski, Jan and Rich Bullers, Sam Skelton

The Escape Room: Team Booyah! – Tim White, Ed Rybarczyk, Carrie Tatman Schwartz, Stephanie Scaccianoce, Marti Wendel, Jim O’Halek, Paul Prass

The Escape Room: Team Not Quite! – Lisa DeBenedetto, Robert Post, Tom Blansett, Dean Houdeshell, Pat Maluso, Donna Pollander, John Bibaeff, Randy Smith, Randy Bobbitt, John Juhasz

Terry Thorne, Horner Industries

Indianapolis Museum and Raceway

Tour of Horner Industries: Sam Skelton, Carrie Tatman Schwartz, Stephanie Scaccianoce, Robert Post, Rocky Phoenix, Rich Bullers, Donna Pollander, Randy Smith, Scott Sardina, Lisa DeBenedetto, Joey Biondo, Jeff Kenney, George Beniek, David Raymond, and Terry Thorne

Indianapolis Museum and Raceway

Chauntelle Baughman and Donna Pollander

Donna Pollander and her pit crew

Tour of the Indianapolis Museum and Raceway

George Beniek, Marti Wendel, Pat Maluso, Robert Post

Paul Prass, Mohaned Shahin, Scott Nagro, Brad Whalen, Ken Dulinski, Jan and Rich Bullers, Sam Skelton

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