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A New Road to Hydraulic Specialist Certification

IFPS released the hydraulic specialist (HS) certification test, designed to be comprehensive, in 2017. The test benchmarks competencies showing that, as a fluid power specialist, you are at the top of your craft, whether you’re in sales, engineering, or system designing.

After reviewing the design, layout, and content of the HS Study Manual, the IFPS certification committee decided to update and better streamline the manual by:

  • rewording complex topics for easier comprehension;
  • rewriting the equation formulas and subsequent text describing how to compute complex formulas for ease of calculation;
  • carefully rewriting some outcomes to provide the necessary information to prepare for the test and provide industry best practices paramount to our industry; and
  • adding “bar” whenever pressure units are used to reflect the industry’s more common use of both metric units of pressure (bar and Pascal).

Preparation is the key to a successful outcome. For those who were unsuccessful the first time around, don’t give up! You can find the streamlined study manual in your IFPS account under downloadable products.

IFPS wants you to succeed. There are several ways to prepare. Visit ifps.org to access these resources:

  • Master the online and study manual pretests.
  • Access recorded web seminar outcome presentations.
  • Consider a paid one-year access to the HS interactive study manual.
  • Form a study group – an excellent way to share strengths and knowledge.
  • Use our animated circuits for a visual understanding of schematics.
  • Certification review training classes.

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