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ARGO-HYTOS Launches EL7 Electronic Control Unit

ARGO-HYTOS recently launched its new EL7 proportional electronic control unit.

EL7 offers multiple types of analogue input signals (nine) with the option to switch to the CAN bus interface. It is easily parametrizable via Bluetooth using the ARGO-HYTOS app, which is free to download for iOS & Android.

With the option of one or two solenoid versions for sizes 04, 06, and 10 or DIN rail versions as well as standard or bipolar coils, the high level of resistance to ambient conditions such as vibrations and shocks ensures that the EL7 is applicable for the stationary market and mobile applications.

The application itself offers many functionalities and customization options, such as custom PID regulation, dither function for each coil separately, and output PWM up to 1kHz.

For more information, visit https://el7.argo-hytos.com/.

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