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ASG’s SC-200 Smart AC-LVDT Signal Conditioner for Industrial Applications

Alliance Sensors Group recently introduced its latest LVDT signal conditioner, the SC-200. 

This LVDT signal conditioner offers smart and fast LVDT/RVDT setup and has been engineered to work with the widest range of LVDTs, RVDTs, and inductive half-bridge sensors, including three-wire industrial LVRTs. The signal conditioning module has cyber security tamper prevention and notification features providing confidence that the unit has not been compromised. 

SC-200 operating features include push-button calibration, built-In null indication, four excitation frequencies, eight analog DC outputs (six DC voltage and two current loop outputs), sixteen addresses for RS-485 digital communications, hot swap capability, and advanced master/slave capability to reduce cross talk. The LVDT signal conditioner offers fault or failure detection for high reliability applications like nuclear power plant steam turbine controls. 

With an SC-200 signal conditioner, the internal microprocessor eliminates any need to calculate jumper connections for gain, range, and so forth. The new SC-200 DIN-rail-mounted module can be “hot swapped” into an existing installation, with original calibration data saved and then reloaded into a new module via its RS-485 port. The SC-200 also can be setup remotely using a computer connected through the digital communications link to the RS-485 bus.

For more information, email sales@alliancesensors.com or visit www.alliancesensors.com.

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