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NewTek Launches LVDTs for Hazardous Locations

NewTek Sensor Solutions recently introduced a new line of hazardous location linear variable differential transformers.

They operate safely and accurately in hazardous and explosive environments such as refining and petrochemical plants, pipelines, and oil and storage tanks.

Approved for used in class 1, zone 0 and zone 2 locations, the NT-HL-750 series of LVDT position sensors are ideal for pipeline and LNG storage tank structuring monitoring and real-time position sensing of different valves in oil and gas fields, chemical process plants, gas turbines, and oil refinery platforms and rigs. These AC-operated sensors also are Intertek-approved and hold an ETL mark that certifies them for use in hazardous locations throughout North America.

Offering contactless and reliable position measurement, the NT-HL-750 series of linear position sensors operate over measurement ranges from ±1 inch up to ±10 inches. Other notable features include:

  • A three-quarter-inch hermetically sealed stainless steel construction makes the sensors robust when operating in different environments.
  • Temperature operating ranges of -28ºC to 150°C (-18°F to 302°F) enable sensor use in applications with fluctuating temperatures, such as chemical process plants, oil refineries, and power plants.
  • A half-inch NPT conduit fitting for easy installation and protection against environment conditions. (A hard conduit is provided for HAZLOC areas).
  • A thru-bore construction that simplifies mechanical support, core guidance, and cleaning of contaminants for longer life.
  • A radially of axially mounted connector to fit different applications.

For more information, call (856) 406-6877 or visit https://www.newteksensors.com/lvdt-sensors/hl-750-series/.

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