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ATAM’s AC-Immune Coils for Hydraulics in Rail Transport Sector

ATAM, an Italian manufacturer and supplier of encapsulated coils and industrial connectors, launched a new series of double-wound, AC-immune coils specifically developed for heavy-duty hydraulic applications in the rail transport sector.

ATAM’s Series 463 through Series 466 has been extended to incorporate coils capable of suppressing electromagnetic interference from alternating current, which can “dirty” continuous current magnetic fields generated to pilot solenoid valves.

The new coil series is constructed based on a double coaxial winding. Potential stray currents in the supply that could disturb the main field generated by the first coil are cancelled out by a magnetic field generated by the second, forming a short circuit simply by generating a magnetic field equal and opposite to any variations generated in the second coil by sinusoidal supply disturbances. The main coil powered with continuous current maintains stable piloting of a solenoid even with dirty power-supply networks.

High power AC-immune coils are normally implemented for the actuation of hydraulic solenoids on rail transport lines with supply voltage of 110, 115, 100, 72, and 32 VDC. AC-immune coils are also used in heavy-duty off-vehicle applications.

For more information, visit www.atam.uk.com.

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