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AW-Lake Offers Portable Flow Meter

AW-Lake offers a new portable transit time ultrasonic flow meter in addition to the full-sized clamp-on version that provides non-contacting flow measurement for challenging industrial environments with minimal installation complexity and costs.

The new portable ultrasonic meter was designed to be deployed easily to measure flow on demand, without difficult installations or process interruptions. The hand-held unit is encased in a rugged IP67 housing and works with the same three interchangeable transducers as the full-sized meter, which make it suitable for measurements on a wide range of metal and plastic pipe materials on pipes from a half-inch to 48 inches in diameter. A simple menu allows for fast and easy programming of pipe diameter, pipe material, liquid types, and measurement units. In addition to providing a standard 4-20mA/0-5V analog output, optional Modbus RTU and HART communications provide instantaneous flow rate, volume, total, run hours, and diagnostic information.

An intuitive on-screen user interface with a data logger enables operators to view flow reports or download logs for use in other programs. Data management storage of 12.5 million data points with logger software for data viewing and reporting. Through the use of an integrated USB-C port, the PTFM 6.1 seamlessly expands its input and output capability to meet future requirements without replacing the whole meter.
The flow meters use the transit time ultrasonic principle of measurement that works by measuring the flight difference for ultrasonic sound pulses transmitted from one transducer to another. The time between transmitted and received signals is precisely measured by the flow meters. Both ultrasonic flow meters are ideal for measuring the flow rate of clean, non-aerated fluids in full pipes such as water, chemicals, and fuel oils with highly accurate and reliable flow measurement.

For more information, visit https://aw-lake.com/product/portable-ultrasonic-flow-meter/.

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