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Terzo Partners with Hydreco on Electrohydraulic Systems

Terzo Power Systems has entered into a partnership with Continental/Hydreco to build steering and electrohydraulic systems for global OEMs, Terzo recently announced.

Terzo designs electrohydraulic pump systems for on- and off-highway mobile vehicles and industrial applications. Continental/Hydreco manufactures mobile hydraulics.

Terzo creates compact and energy efficient smart hydraulic solutions for the electrification of fluid power. Their leading product, the Hydrapulse, is a complete electrohydraulic system that is a fully integrated power-on-demand, hydraulic power unit with built-in intelligence. The energy-efficient system, with an electronically controlled motor and pump assembly, is contained in a small, compact footprint.

Continental/Hydreco’s silent pumps reduce the amount of fluid-borne noise generated by the pump and transmitted into the hydraulic system, resulting in a reduction in the amount of overall noise emitted from the system. 

The Hydrapulse comes in three standard sizes, customizable for OEM and higher volume applications.

For more information, visit www.hydreco.com/ and www.terzopower.com/.

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