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Clippard Eclipse Proportional Isolation Valves

A Proportional Valve Like No Other

Known for reliability, innovation and focus on precision flow controls, Clippard’s new revolutionary Eclipse utilizes the industry’s most robust and powerful miniature linear actuator. This patent pending stepper-controlled proportional valve will lead the industry in performance and durability.

The Eclipse is ideal in critical applications for liquid and gas delivery, medical, analytical and industrial automation requiring ultra-fine resolution and excellent repeatability. In addition, the unique design allows for custom flow profiles.

  • Patent Pending ceramic sliding seal
  • Liquid and air capable
  • Inert
  • Flow Resolution: 0.19 ml/min water and 0.007 l/min air max @ 30 psig
  • Zero dead volume
  • Leak Free: <0.05 sccm
  • Excellent Linearity: <4% of full-scale
  • Repeatability: <0.5% of full travel
  • Highly customizable
  • Proudly made in the USA

For more information about these valves or any of Clippard’s 5,000 other precision flow control products, call  513-521-4261 or www.clippard.com

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