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Colorado State University’s Fluid Power Club Looking Forward to Growth in 2020

The NFPA Technology and Education Foundation has launched a new program this year to support Fluid Power Clubs on university campuses. The goal of the clubs is to get younger students introduced to and interested in fluid power, support club activities, and connect students to industry professionals to learn about careers in fluid power.

We asked Riley Abbott, President of the Colorado State University Fluid Power Club, what they have been up to and here’s what he had to say:

“The Colorado State University Fluid Power Club has had a full semester of activity! Through this first semester there has been a lot of work put into the group to make sure it flourishes. The club has focused mainly on recruiting and planning during its life span to make sure the foundations of the group are well established.

From a recruitment standpoint, the members have been busy talking to engineering class students, handing out flyers, and speaking to friends to make sure the club grows. Last semester, the club went from three official members to 11! The club hopes to build on its momentum to make sure that Colorado State University has a place for students to learn about hydraulics and pneumatics.

Last semester, the club was also busy deciding what the members wanted the club to be. The group decided on focusing on three different aspects of the club: knowledge through application, guidance through networking, and giving back through service. One of the ideas for this semester that has drawn the most support has been a competition between two teams to see who can make a device to lift the most weight!

Overall I am very proud of where the club has gotten! It still has a lot of room to grow but if the group continues with its momentum we will be in a great place. The club has found a great home at Colorado State University where it can nurture interested minds on fluid power and will continue to do so!”

There are many opportunities for NFPA members to get connected to local students. To learn how to get involved, please contact Amy Zignego at azignego@nfpa.com or (414) 778-3376.

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