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A Complete Solution in a Compact Package

Schroeder Industries Introduces the 7-gallon version of the popular TNK Series.

Schroeder Industries, a recognized leader in fluid filtration and condition monitoring, introduces a complete hydraulic reservoir solution specially designed for compact and agile hydraulic (mobile) applications: TNK7.

The TNK7 Solution from Schroeder Industries is an integrated and certified clean solution for fluid storage, monitoring, and conditioning in smaller scale mobile hydraulic systems. Whether the application itself is compact in scale with strict weight requirements, or is a part of a larger system with stringent clearance allowance, the TNK7 finds itself right at home.

The TNK7’s competitive advantage resides in its unique ability to combine customized engineering solutions with scalable usability of catalog items. The customers can take advantage of a reservoir with fully equipped components without having to pay extra for tooling, subassembly, and cleaning processes. Our customers can expect the world-renowned Schroeder level of technical cleanliness in the TNK7.

For more information, visit www.schroederindustries.com.

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