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Continuous Fluid Conditioning – Kidney Loop Change-Over

Schroeder Industries has developed a kidney loop system that offers continuous filtration without the need to shut down for element replacements.

Schroeder Industries, a recognized leader in Advanced Fluid Conditioning Solutions®, is proud to release its Kidney Loop System Change-Over (KLCO).

Through the use of the Kidney Loop System Change-Over (KLCO), plant owners and operators no longer need to compromise system/fluid condition during filter replacements. It goes without saying, the cleaner the fluid, the better the operating condition. According to sources like Noria Corporation, contamination is the leading cause of hydraulic repairs and replacements. Schroeder has completely shifted its focus from “Reactionary” to “Preventative” Maintenance, making for less unexpected repairs and replacements.

The Kidney Loop Change-Over (KLCO) system is a stationary off-line fluid conditioning system for removing solid particle and free water contamination. The KLCO features a Schroeder Medium Pressure RLD series duplex-type filter. Through the use of this type of filter, the KLCO allows users to change the direction of flow through one of two filters, and the ability to replace filter elements without having to first shut the system down. This is particularly beneficial in fluid applications where continuous operation and contamination control is necessary.

The KLCO offers exceptional fluid conditioning and with high capacity, high efficiency filtration. With flexible, application-specific fluid processing with 3, 7, 10, and 14gpm processing rates, important fluid condition parameters are carefully monitored while being conditioned. Visit schroederindustries.com/filter-systems-and-diagnostics-iot// for more information on the KLCO and other Filter Systems & Diagnostics (IoT) Solutions.

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