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Double Pumps: “AA” Flange, 1DG Series, “A” Flange, 2DG Series, “B” Flange, 3DG Series


New from Honor Gear Pumps. Now available from Corpus Christi inventory.

“B” flange group 3, and “A” flange group 2, and “AA” flange group 1 double pumps are now available from the factory warehouse.

Standard group 3 models come with 7/8-13 tooth spline shaft and are available from 52cc on the front pump down to as small as 5cc on the rear.   

Standard group 2 models come with either the 5/8-9 tooth spline or 5/8″ keyed shaft, in displacements from 22cc on the front to 5cc on the rear.

Standard group 1 models come with a 1/2″ keyed shaft, in displacements from 9cc on the front to 1cc on the rear.

Subject to center section displacements being 5cc,or 7cc, or 9cc, or 11cc, triple pumps are also available in the group 2 size pump frame.

Aluminum bodies with cast iron covers are standard heavy duty construction for all Honor single and double gear pumps.

Proudly sold through distribution. Please call to be referred.

222 S. Navigation Blvd. • Corpus Christi, TX 78405
Toll free: 800.984.9727 • Local: 713.984.8144
Fax: 713.461.9631
Email: service@honorpumps.com
Web: www.honorpumps.com

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