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Kawasaki Staffa Radial Piston Motors


Kawasaki Staffa Radial Piston Motors are world famous for their reliability and exceptionally long life. They provide unrivalled start-up torque and power, plus:

  • Rugged, well-proven design – long, reliable operating life.
  • High efficiency, with excellent breakout torque and smooth running capability – Cost efficient power, whenever you need it.
  • Hydrostatically balanced valves – highly tolerant to contamination
  • Modular construction – tell us what you need!
  • All Staffa motors provide 250 bar CONTINUOUS USE pressure rating.

The Staffa motor is the tough, fit-and-forget solution for marine and offshore drive applications. With its long bearing life, wear resistance and innovative hydrostatics, Staffa motors deliver power and control, whenever it’s needed!

High breakout torque is essential, a key feature that has been a big part of the Staffa’s success in the industry. Starting from stall, 85+% mechanical efficiencies provide easy starting, without pressure pulsation, increasing the life and reliability of the rest of the system.

The Kawasaki Staffa radial piston motor is a formidable power transmission device that just can’t be beaten. Continuous power density ratings of up to 1.9 HP/cu.in. (85 Watt/cc), provide the widest operating envelope, without compromising life or efficiency. And don’t forget, our power ratings are proven and verifiable, under your operating conditions!

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