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Edwards Introduces EJGO Vacuum Pump Controller

Edwards, a manufacturer of vacuum products and exhaust management systems headquartered in the U.K., recently introduced its EJGO vacuum pump controller for industrial vacuum pumps and systems.

EJGO intelligently manages, commands, directs, and regulates the operation of Edwards vacuum pumps and offers flexible accessibility and outstanding control functionality. The EJGO vacuum controller is a one-stop solution with all the necessary pump information and metrics in one place. This includes pump health assessment, vacuum performance, and multiple KPI score and insight cards to monitor the vacuum pumps or system.

The EJGO vacuum controller functions as an all-in-one control center that offers various connectivity options and integrates with existing vacuum installations seamlessly. It is designed to be user-friendly. Users can easily pull up relevant data on a touch HMI or a web browser on their laptops, tablets, or mobile phones. Users can configure data and parameters relevant to their process and monitor pump performance for optimal production. Users can configure their insight cards and home screen to generate recommendations to extend the life of a vacuum pump, reduce energy consumption, improve their carbon footprint, and extend maintenance intervals.

For more information, visit www.edwardsvacuum.com.

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