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AW-Lake Flow Meters Ensure Accurate Metering of Chemicals to Create Foams Dispensed in Commercial, Industrial, and Marine Applications

AW-Lake Flow

Lake Flow Meters ensure ultraprecise metering of chemicals used to create foams utilized in commercial, industrial, and marine applications.

When used in professional spray polyurethane foam (SPF) equipment, AW-Lake JVM Series Positive Displacement Gear Flow Meters offer a consistent and ultraprecise method for dispensing chemicals that create the foam for smaller commercial projects such as taxidermy, boat manufacturing, and sound insulation products. In operation, an SPF machine pumps chemicals from two multi-gallon drums through hoses to the nozzle of a spray gun to form the polyurethane foam. A pump within the spray foam equipment is not reliable enough to dispense accurate amounts of chemical.

Unlike pumps, the AW-Lake JVM Series Positive Displacement Flow Meters are not prone to drift, overspin, or have media slippage under pulsation that results in ultra-precise chemical batching for the SPF machine over time. To ensure longevity and chemical compatibility, the positive displacement flow meter features a ball bearing design that works well in non-lubricating media, such as the chemicals used in this application.

City Fireboats Use AW-Lake Turbine Flow Meter to Measure Fire Retardant Foam

In another application, city fireboats are using AW-Lake Turbine Flow Meters and Transmitters to measure fire-retardant foam for extinguishing fires. Fitted on foam lines, the AW-Lake TRG Turbine Meters provide feedback to the PLC on actual flow rate volumes. AW-Lake’s RT-30 Flow Transmitters accept the turbine’s pulse input and display readings locally while providing a 4-20mA output signal to a PLC to control the opening and closing of the valves for the desired ratio.

AW-Lake’s TRG Turbine meters were ideal for this project due to their rugged stainless-steel body construction, material compatibility with the low viscosity fluid, and most importantly their compact size and small face-to-face dimension.

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