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Emerson Awards Engineering Scholarships

Jessica Ruby

Kolin Limburg

Emerson has announced the recipients of its 2021 ASCO Engineering Scholarship Program for students studying engineering.

The recipients are Jessica Ruby, of Holland Township, New Jersey, a senior mechanical engineering student at the College of New Jersey, and Kolin Limburg of Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, a senior majoring in building automation engineering at the Pennsylvania College of Technology.

Emerson awarded each student a $5,000 scholarship and granted an additional $1,000 to each college’s engineering department.

Ruby is pursuing a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering, with an expected graduation date of May 2022. Her excellence in mathematics in school led her to pursue a career in engineering.

“I knew that entering a STEM field as a young woman would be challenging, but it’s where I’m meant to be,” Ruby said. “Engineering will allow for me to leave an impact on the world.”

Limburg is a senior in the Building Automation Engineering Program, focusing on the HVAC controls of large facilities, and also expects to graduate in May 2022.

“As a society, we are finally recognizing the real importance of infrastructure to our economy and country,” Kolin said. “As engineers, we must be sure that the advancements we make will truly improve the future through energy management and conservation. I find that opportunity very exciting.”

To date, Emerson has awarded $168,000 in scholarships and grants through its ASCO Engineering Scholarship Program, supporting 28 engineering students and their colleges.

For application details, visit https://go.emersonautomation.com/asco-engineering-scholarship-2021.

For more information visit www.emerson.com.


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