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Emerson Launches Industrial Software and Hardware

Emerson is launching a pair of IIOT products for analyzing machine performance data at the Hannover Messe trade show in Germany this week.

Emerson’s new PACEdge 2.0 industrial edge platform is designed to help users quickly create and scale up performance-improving applications. The PACEdge platform simplifies application development by bringing together today’s leading open-source tools into a flexible, integrated, and secure platform for utilizing machine data and analytics. 

The PACEdge release coincides with the launch of Emerson’s new PACSystems RXi2-BP edge computer, a small form-factor industrial PC that enables high-performance analytics to be run close to the machine.

The PACEdge platform helps users securely collect, analyze, store, and serve up machine data near the source or across enterprise systems. End users can easily build and deploy applications for a wide range of uses including monitoring energy, machinery health, and productivity. Emerson’s modular, preconfigured development packages containerize applications to allow developers to start in a pilot environment with a few units and then quickly scale to hundreds or thousands of units – without expensive network and server infrastructures or worrying about inconsistencies among operating environments.

Using modern IIoT protocols such as OPC, UA, MQTT, and REST, the PACEdge platform provides access to data from industrial control systems and field devices, as well as IT systems and cloud services for plant or enterprise data aggregation. With drag-and-drop programming and embedded web interfaces and visualization, users can use this information to quickly create applications and dashboards to analyze and view operational data, such as overall equipment effectiveness, compressed air usage, energy consumption, acceleration and vibration, and other sensor data. 

Advanced applications can combine these outputs with external data sources (i.e., weather, public utility rates) and machine learning algorithms to drive better asset health and performance by detecting potential failures sooner. Operators in the field have immediate access to diagnostic and production information, allowing them to make better decisions faster. 

The RXi2-BP edge computer uses patented temperature-management technologies to enable the small form-factor industrial PC to achieve optimum performance in difficult-to-access industrial locations without being limited by internal temperatures. 

For more information, visit http://www.emerson.com/industrial-edge.

An Ongoing Presentation of Innovation

To extend the interactive expo experience and allow users to learn more about the latest in fluid control and automation, Emerson created An Ongoing Presentation of Innovation. On this webpage, users can easily access on-demand, live presentations from leading engineers, view product videos, explore the information hub and consult Emerson experts. 

The comprehensive content covers digital transformation, edge technology, proportional technology and integrated solutions. Users can get answers to their toughest fluid control and automation challenges, like how to turn data into actionable insights, as well as discover new opportunities to improve the sustainability, safety, efficiency and overall performance of their business. Whether they’re just taking the first step or are well on the road, this in-depth resource will benefit companies at any stage of their digital transformation. 

To learn more on An Ongoing Presentation of Innovation, visit:


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