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New Easy Gripper Tooling from PHD

New Easy Gripper Tooling from PHD

PHD has released an updated version of the Tri-Axis Modular Tooling Components Catalog – TATOOL03!

This catalog includes the most recent additions, the Receiver Adapters and Modular Shovels Systems.
The Receiver Adapters plug into the rail receiver (docking device) and, when securely latched, create air and electrical connection for the PHD transfer finger assembly to the press feed bar. The Modular Shovels Kits and Components are used in conjunction with GRM clamps, and their flexible design makes it easy to create a shovel that delivers optimum support and control of the panel through the transfer press. The modularity also makes it easily rebuildable in the field with the ability to be repurposed for increased value.

Tri-Axis Transfer Press Modular Tooling components are designed to be strong and lightweight while providing greater versatility for high-performance, tooling systems. These components are one-piece construction, completely interchangeable, and have been maximized for light weight and rigidity. These systems, combined with the industry-leading Series GRM family of automated sheet metal handling clamps, now provide a total solution delivering optimal performance to your high-speed tri-axis transfer presses.

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