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Emerson Sensor Detects Packaging Leaks

Emerson’s AVENTICS AF2 Smart Flow Sensor precisely monitors volumetric air flow to detect packaging leaks in real time, allowing for a quicker response and less waste.

As a key part of Emerson’s IIoT-based pneumatic monitoring architecture, the AF2 makes it possible to reduce compressed air energy costs by 20% while eliminating the need to test for leakages manually, reducing downtime and maximizing overall equipment efficiency.

The Smart Flow Sensor is available in two variants. Ethernet interfaces to directly communicate over OPC, UA, or MQTT without using a gateway in between, allowing it to connect to any network and send data to

an already existing software system. The industrial version supports analog 4-20mA and IO-Link connectivity. All have integrated statistical, counter, and logging capabilities and color OLED displays with configurable graphs.

For more information, visit: www.emerson.com/en-us/catalog/aventics-af2.

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