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Schroeder Launches New Products

Schroeder Industries, a provider of advanced fluid conditioning solutions, recently released several new filtration products.

Kidney Loop System Change-Over

Schroeder developed a kidney loop system that offers continuous filtration during element replacements.

With the Kidney Loop System Change-Over, operators no longer need to compromise system or fluid condition during filter replacements. The stationary off-line fluid conditioning system removes solid particle and free water contamination. It features a Schroeder medium-pressure RLD series duplex-type filter, allowing users to change the direction of flow through one of two filters and replace filter elements without having to first shut down the system. This is beneficial in fluid applications that need continuous operation and contamination control.

The Kidney Loop System Change-Over offers exceptional fluid conditioning and with high capacity, high efficiency filtration. With flexible, application-specific fluid processing with 3, 7, 10, and 14 gpm processing rates, important fluid condition parameters are carefully monitored while being conditioned.


Top-Ported Suction Filter

Schroeder recently introduced its SKF3 top-ported suction filter.

The SKF3 is a part of Schroeder’s suction filters family, with ranges up to 300 psi (20 bar) and flow rates of up to 25 gpm (95 lpm).

Suction filters help protect downstream pumps from contamination due to ingression or lack of initial cleaning. Suction filters must be properly sized to avoid cavitation of the pump. They are a first line of defense in a hydraulic system, helping increase the lifetime of downstream components and reduce the particulate load on finer downstream media.

The SKF3 includes an easy element change out, a 2.5 psi (0.17 bar) suction bypass with reliable visual or electrical vacuum dirt alarms. It can help protect downstream pumps from contamination, ingression, and is a reliable filter that can help maintain uptime while reducing costs due to unplanned downtime in any suction application.

Inline Filter LI50

Schroeder’s new L150 inline filter provides powerful filtration at a minimum clearance.

The LI50 is a part of Schroeder’s family of high-pressure filters, ranging from 5,000 to 6,000 psi (345-415 bar).

The LI50 includes an optional dirt alarm or electrical indicator. The 90° inlet and outlet orientation makes for easy replacement during an element changeout. It offers robust filtering performance through cartridge filter elements while maintaining the compact dimensions expected of an inline filter. Element change out process is made simple by the hex bolt on the end of the filter housing.

The LI50 accepts clogging indicators, eliminating the uncertainty associated with element replacement for inline filters.

For more information, visit https://schroederindustries.com/.


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