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Exair Releases Conveyors for Corrosive Environments

EXAIR’s new Type 303 stainless steel 3 NPT threaded line vac air-operated conveyors convert ordinary pipe into a powerful conveying system for parts, scrap, trim, and other bulk materials. 

The chemical- and corrosion-resistant line vac operates seamlessly at higher temperatures, providing a long-lasting and low-maintenance solution ideal for food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and medical processes. The durable construction of the threaded line vac employs a larger inside diameter, aiding in conveying bigger parts and larger volumes of material over long distances with ease. In addition, it’s designed for simple attachment to standard plumbing pipe couplers to take advantage of common pipes and fittings that are readily available. 

Threaded line vac conveyors use minimal amounts of compressed air to generate an instant and powerful vacuum on one end with high output flows on the other. Regulation of the compressed air pressure also provides a fine-tuned control of the conveyance rate making it suitable for a wide range of applications, including scrap trim removal, material conveying, part transfer, fiber tensioning, and filling operations. 

3 NPT 303SS threaded line vacs are CE compliant and meet all OSHA pressure requirements. Ranging from 3/8 NPT through 3 NPT, all threaded line vac models are also available in type-316 stainless steel to serve in exceptionally demanding corrosive, high-temperature, or hygienic environments. 

For more information, call (800) 903-9247, email techelp@exair.com, or visit https://exair.co/3tlv.

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