Fluid Power Journal

Fluid Power Journal Through The Years

1993: Born as a brainchild of the International Fluid Power Society.

1994: Paul and Lisa Prass produced the inaugural issue of the Journal. They started with 5 issues per year.

1996: Increased to 7 issues per year.

1997: Increased to 8 issues per year.

1999: Fluid Power Journal launched its first website. Increased to 9 issues per year.

2000: Logo was redesigned for the first time.

2004: Celebrated 10 Years.

2006: Increased to 10 issues per year.

2007: Began printing the magazine at a larger size (9″ wide)

2010: Created online digital issues.

2011: Joined social media.

2013: Revised logo to a solid color. Website redesigned to three-column format.

2014: Celebrated 20-year anniversary. Changed cover from glossy to matte.

2015: Logo redesigned to the current version.

2016: Website redesigned to the current version and to be responsive.

2019: Celebrates 25-year anniversary. Increased to 12 issues per year.



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