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Hallite Opens New Global Test House

Hallite Seals International, a British manufacturer of hydraulic cylinder sealing solutions, recently opened a new state-of-the-art product and material test house after breaking ground in January.


Located inside Hallite’s global manufacturing building in Hampton, U.K., the new facility combines laboratory and product-testing space previously housed in separate buildings. Constructed and equipped for a wide range of material and product characterization, the reimagined facility drives forward the company’s capabilities and focuses on innovative growth, Hallite said in a press release.


The new facility allows customers and trusted partners to observe real-time testing in the laboratory or remotely. Improved testing and analysis equipment, hardware upgrades, and enhanced data capture and backend systems will accelerate the development and availability of critical live test data, reports, and white papers that validate a sealing product design, concept, or material.


To recognize the grand opening, a virtual facility tour is now available on demand. Customers and partners can learn more about the processes and technologies positioned to meet the industry’s need for enhanced products and materials that are designed and proven for emerging market requirements.


For more information, visit www.hallite.com.

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