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Helios Launches Conservation Program with Sun Hydraulics

Helios Technologies recently launched an energy-saving program from one of its operating companies, Sun Hydraulics.

Answering requests from customers for advances in energy conservation, Sun Hydraulics, a manufacturer of high-performance screw-in hydraulic cartridge valves and manifolds that control force, speed, and motion as integral components in fluid power systems, developed the ecoline program.

Composed of several unique products, the ecoline program features eSense, Sun’s latest evolution in electrohydraulic load-holding and counterbalance technology, as well as other popular solutions like the LoadMatch, Load Adaptive, Series 4 Plus cartridges, T-18AU & T-19AU cavities, QuickDesign, and EVY manifold castings.

“The ecoline program was designed to offer users seeking energy conservation methods the capability to effortlessly locate the best solution for even their most challenging applications,” Josef Matosevic, company president and CEO, said in a press release. “For over half a century, Sun Hydraulics has championed the world of cartridge valve technology by producing high-performance cartridge valves, integrated packages, and now the company has congregated a medley of solutions to customize a system that can significantly boost and improve efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, and provide cost savings. Customers can confidently integrate these ecoline products into their machinery knowing that it comes from the most-trusted name in the hydraulic valve industry.”

The eSense solution boasts 100% of the performance at 30% of the power consumption when compared to a traditional counterbalance valve solution. Proven lab tests conducted at Purdue University’s Maha Fluid Power Research Center demonstrated energy savings as high as 85% in some load conditions.

LoadMatch counterbalance valves offer 30% or more energy savings by automatically controlling the setting at reduced loads. This self-setting valve minimizes energy wasted during machine cycle times and features advanced stability and safety characteristics. For a quick look at potential energy savings, the LoadMatch Energy Savings calculator is available and conveniently located on each LoadMatch product page.

LoadAdaptive counterbalance valves offer motion control to reduce the setting of the valve by utilizing pilot assist control.

Series 4 PLUS cartridges and T-18AU & T-19AU cavities are 50% to 80% more efficient than a standard Sun Series 4 equivalent cartridge.

The innovative, efficient design of the Sun cavity allows for larger port sizes and reduced pressure drop. Combined with the ability to create a five-axis design in QuickDesign, the results contain less plugs and fewer potential leak points.

Sun Hydraulics has developed the capability to offer manifold castings. These castings use material more efficiently, leading to weight reduction, lower pressure loss, fewer leak points, and improved reliability.

For more information, visit www.sunhydraulics.com and www.heliostechnologies.com.



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