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High Pressure Equipment Releases New Catalog

High Pressure Equipment Company, a subsidiary of Graco, has released a new 76-page catalog highlighting their complete family of air driven hydraulic pumps, gas boosters, and power systems.

The new catalog presents the most detailed information to date on HiP’s line of Sprague pumps, boosters and systems, as well as recent new product introductions, including T-Series high performance air driven liquid pumps, eTensifier (the world’s first electric high-pressure pump), PT2020 (the first fully automated pump/pressure testing controller system), and e710 supercritical CO2 extraction pump system.

High-pressure pumps, boosters, and power systems are used in aerospace, oil and gas, chemical/petrochemical, general manufacturing, heavy construction, and many other industries. All HiP pumps are available for direct purchase on their website. Applications for these products include pressure testing, proof testing components, bolt tensioning, work holding and clamping, jacking and lifting, power pressing, hydraulic power units, valve actuation, hydraulic cylinder actuation, chromatography, lubrication and spraying, and liquefied gas transfer.

The new first-edition catalog presents extensive performance information to help users select the right product for their application. Catalog details include explanations of how air-driven liquid pumps and gas boosters operate, pressure and flow ratings and curves, typical application-specific installation schematics, and part number and how-to-order information. In addition, the catalog provides specs for HiP’s line of power packs and packaged power systems incorporating these liquid pumps and gas boosters.

The catalog is available here: www.highpressure.com/pdfs/HiP_PumpCatalog11_30_21.pdf.

For more information, visit www.HighPressure.com.

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