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Schroeder Launches Filter Analysis Kit

Schroeder Industries, a provider fluid filter and conditioning systems, recently release its new Filter Debris Analysis kit.

FDA contains a prepaid testing label and a return kit. Customers send used filters to Schroeder. The company analyzes the element and examines any captured debris to determine if components upstream of the filter are starting to breakdown.

FDA can be used as a reliable predictive maintenance process alongside traditional oil analysis methods. It discovers the root cause of premature equipment wear and failures. Understanding the types of particles captured by the filter can show the magnitude of system wear.

Five laboratory testing criteria are performed during FDA:

  • Analytical ferrography (ASTM D7690)
  • Micropatch analysis
  • Elemental metals analysis by ICP (mod. ASTM D5185)
  • Acid digestion
  • Gravimetric solids

FDA works across a vast range of applications and industrial machinery. Any information collected with FDA is directly relevant to each individual component’s exclusive operating environment and overall workload.

For more information, visit https://schroederindustries.com/.



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