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Hmmm…Did I Torque Those Bolts?

HMMM…DID I TORQUE THOSE BOLTS? Am I sure I got ‘em all? It’s a common question when rebuilding anything that requires nuts or bolts to be torqued to a specific value. Here’s a quick, easy tip that works every time. Take a cotton ball or piece of seat cushion foam and stuff it into the socket attached to your torque wrench. Soak the cotton or foam with RED machinist’s Dykem® or any other kind of ink that will leave a mark on the nut or bolt. When the socket contacts the fastener, it will leave an ink spot on the fastener, and you’ll know you’ve put the torque wrench to it, alleviating any doubt that ALL the fasteners were torqued.

Pat Maluso, CFPMHM, CFPS, CFPAI, Western Hydrostatics


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