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In-Line : Vacuum and Pressure Sensor for Quick Installation

Norstat, Inc. is introducing the new INLINE Pressure & Vacuum Sensor. A small, lightweight sensor with adjustable potentiometer or I/O Link capabilities.

With the new INLINE sensor there are no longer any connection threads, you just cut the hose, put INLINE in between and you’re done. INLINE’s ultra-compact design and light weight requires no additional fastening or bracketing making INLINE ideal for applications in the fields of vacuum lifting, industrial automation, and robotics.

The INLINE has a durable plastic housing with 1x PNP (with potentiometer) or 2x PNP transistor switching outputs and is adjustable via setting potentiometer or via I/O Link. Process connection is push-in 4mm, 6mm, 8mm or 10mm connection and can be ordered in various pressure measuring ranges. Electrical connection is available as either an M8 plug outlet or 3m cable and LEDs are used to signal operational status. Operating medium is filtered, dry or oiled air and non-corrosive gases.

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