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Industrial Joystick

p-cybertechThe JS-H100 industrial joystick base utilizes sealed non-contacting Hall-effect sensors and an all-metal body design. This small and rugged joystick is suited for tight clearances in compact control panels and armrests. Resistant to vibration, shock, and extremes of temperatures typically found in mobile machine environments, the joystick offers maintenance-free, reliable, long-term use. The joystick is available in two mechanical configurations: (Y1) single-axis spring return to center and (XY) dual-axis spring return to centered. These configurations are available in two electrical output styles: (E1) 0.5 to 4.5 Vdc, (E2) 1 to 4 Vdc signal outputs. Regardless of the configuration, all JS-H100 joysticks come prewired with a 6-way Deutsch DTM04-6P receptacle and include a 10-ft. mating harness. The joystick is also available with USB and CAN/J1939.

Cyber-Tech, Inc., www.cyber-tech.net

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One thought on “Industrial Joystick”

  1. Luke Smith says:

    Thanks for providing the specs on the JS-H100 joystick base. You mentioned some points that are important to think about for any industrial joystick, like the temperature withstanding capabilities and resistance to vibration and shock. I don’t know a ton about industrial joysticks, but I imagine that a good manufacturer would be able to advise me on which features are most important for my specific needs.

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