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INNOVATIVE HYDRAULICS, LLC: The Face of Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

Innovative Hydraulics designs and manufactures custom hydraulic cylinders up to 40” in bore diameter and 100’ stroke including welded, mill duty and double-acting telescopic designs that utilize leading edge technologies for critical applications in civil, defense, aerospace and heavy industrial commercial markets. We have over 35 years of engineering experience, cutting edge manufacturing equipment and a robust network of service facilities spanning the United States. Our design capabilities, manufacturing expertise and customer service is second to none.

The custom cylinders that Innovative Hydraulics produce protect our nations’ infrastructure and our civilian way of life. Examples include movable bridge cylinders supporting millions of travelers in our nation’s largest cities, rocket launcher cylinders for next generation aerospace applications and classified assets for the US military.

Innovative is motivated to develop superior hydraulic cylinder solutions focused on the objectives of our customers to maximize their ROI. That mentality led to patent pending designs and our first patent award for a telescopic cylinder design that reduces down time while increasing operational safety. Recently developed, Innovative Hydraulics will begin offering Innovashield, an engineered solution to prevent rod corrosion that can be tailored to a customer’s specific application needs in a specific operational environment.

Improving existing cylinder designs by incorporating decades of tribal knowledge, along with leading edge technologies has helped solidify us as a leading producer of custom hydraulic cylinders. In critical applications where lives are stake, quality matters. Our processes are guided by an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system with 100%-part inspection and traceability standard on every order. To learn more about the products and services of Innovative Hydraulics, call, click or write to:

715-803-2600  |  sales@innovativehyd.com  |  https://innovativehyd.com

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