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Leybold Launches New Products

Leybold, a part of the Atlas Copco’s Vacuum Technique business area, recently launched two new vacuum systems.

Ndi Vacuum System

Leybold’s new standardized vacuum system NDi is for applications requiring a clean central vacuum.

It is based on the dry-running NOVADRY screw pump, which is robust over the entire pressure range, and the integrated VAControl CAB controller for smart control. The range of applications for the NDI central system includes food and packaging, processes, research & development, vacuum conveying systems, and medical and laboratory applications. In these areas of application, hygiene, economy, reliability, compactness, and ease of operation are important to the operators. For vacuum values such as the final pressure or pumping speed, process-dependent flexibility is required.

By equipping the standardized NDi pump systems with the VAControl CAB, Leybold ensures intelligent control of all processes. Continuous data recording ensures maximum production quality, with the encrypted pump data available regardless of location. Individual users can access the server at any time – users can choose between local, remote, or cloud connectivity. Direct control of the system is possible via various interfaces and end devices.

The intelligent software functions that Leybold has stored in the control system are practical and user-friendly and serve the entire process planning. For example, they can be used to control the starts and stops of several pumps, the pressure control, and the cloud communication via GENIUS. The maintenance and service recommendations of the vacuum system are generated by the powerful computer depending on the operating times.

The standardized NDi vacuum systems are available fully assembled in different pumping speeds: as ND 400i with 400 m3/h pumping speed and as ND 600i version with 600 m3/h pumping speed. A strong vacuum performance up to a working pressure of 5 mbar, intelligent pressure adjustment and control of the target pressure complete the features of the smart NDi vacuum package.


Leybold developed its new VARODRY VDi vacuum system with integrated VAControl CAB Control for variability and efficiency in coating, drying, and heat-treatment processes.

The pump systems of the new series consist of the air-cooled, oil-free VARODRY screw pumps, the dry-compressing Roots pumps of the RUVAC series, as well as the VAControl CAB control for smart management of all pump processes.

The VDi system can be configured by the operator according to the process requirements, allowing users to set their own vacuum capacities as needed to match the pump-down process and the pumping speed. Another advantage: to protect against critical gases and particles, the VARODRY VDi vacuum system can be equipped with gas ballast and purge gas. This increases the service life and system availability. In application environments where steam or dust is present, additional filter options ensure an uninterrupted vacuum supply. Additional energy savings and even wear are ensured by the Energy Saver Kit.

More intelligence in the applications is provided by the heart of the system – the integrated VAControl CAB control system specially programmed by Leybold. With its smart software functions, the processes can be controlled and optimized in a user-friendly way. Users can choose between local, remote, or cloud connectivity. Different authorization levels can be created for the individual user accounts.

During the vacuum processes, all pump data is recorded and stored. The operating logs, which can be viewed at any time, provide maximum transparency for users and ultimately ensure high production and product quality. The powerful computer generates maintenance and service recommendations depending on use.

With these features, the VARODRY VDi system with integrated VAControl CAB is
suitable for applications such as optical coatings for spectacle lenses; decorative coatings for bathroom fittings; cryogenic pump regeneration; lithium-ion battery production; transformer and high-voltage component manufacturing; composite applications where the resin is degassed; and heat-treatment furnaces to improve the material properties of metals.

For more information, visit www.leybold.com/en and www.atlascopcogroup.com.

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